Time and again at award ceremonies, we the fans, watch as the stars, celebrities and heros of our hearts lean over and whisper sweet somethings to the person beside them. But, really what are they saying?

This past weekend, the Teen Choice Awards managed to shoot Justin Bieber getting cozy with public squeeze Selena Gomez where it looks like he is really about to eat her ear!

Previously we brought you the Best Ceremony Smooches Of All Time. This time, we thought it would be fun to figure out a Top 10 list for what celebrities say to each other during these exciting award ceremonies.

In descending order...

10) "Why didn't I think of that?" - Robert Pattinson talking to Kristen Stewart as they watched Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis touch each other's private parts at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

9) "At his age, it is Mission Impossible" - Katie Holmes witnessing hubby & 47-yr-old Tom Cruise "Get Right" with Jennifer Lopez as mega producer Les Grossman at 2010 Movie Awards.

8) "Let em' fight - heavy rock vs southern motha f$%ka" bystander looking at Kid Rock and Tommy Lee break out into a fight at 2007 VMA Awards

7) "Do you think the perfume masks the smell of dead meat" - Lady Gaga talking to friend at 2010 VMA Awards.

6) "WTF?" - Eminem freakin out as Bruno's butt lands in his face at 2009 MTV Movie Awards

5) "Someone call the whiskey police - Yeezy is out of control" - Beyonce dumbfounded as Kanye steps in front of Taylor Swift at 2009 VMA Awards.

4) "Either Britney or the music is out of cue .. plus her outfit seems to have shrunk in the wash" - Rihanna looking on at the 2007 VMA Awards

3) "When you are that big - go ahead and give the man the damn award!" - Jay Z witnessing Michael Jackson start an acceptance speech for the Artist of the Millenium Award which he wasn't given by Britney Spears at 2002 VMA Awards.

2) "I think you should rip my clothes off on stage" - Rob Pattinson talking to Kristen Stewart at 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

1) "I think you should rip my clothes off on stage" - Taylor Lautner talking to Kristen Stewart at 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

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