Our most loved female Jersey Shore party girl is spreading her wings with the release of her first book titled "Snooki: A Shore Thing." The book is a novel that chronicles the habits and wildlife of characters remarkably similar to MTV's most popular reality TV show - Jersey Shore.

The princess of poof said she always wanted to write what went down on Jersey Shore. She also commented that she become particular close to Jenni (J-Woww) because they had the same personality and liked the same things. In the book, similar characters are portrayed. Also a fan of English, a recent interview quoted her as really enjoying her high school classes, "I loved English class. I loved to write papers and every time we would do plays from Shakespeare and stuff, I would be one of the main roles. I definitely loved English."

We haven't managed to get our hands on a copy yet one line did strike us as odd in the interview - Snooki claimed to only read 2 books?!?

(Q)"I remember reading The New York Times interview where you said you've only read two books, "Twilight" and "Dear John." I'm curious: Is your book more like "Twilight" or more like "Dear John"?

(Snooki)"Neither. I think it's just its own category. I don't think it's like any book anybody has ever read."

Another host might be a little critical of our beloved Snooki's writing ability as well. Jimmy Fallon had members of his audience do karaoke from actual lines in Snooki's book. Hilarious - have a look.

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