Rihanna does Gaga? Rihanna definitely dresses it up in this latest video of S&M which showers her in a multitude of LATEX costumes and face smirks - ghrrr.

The effect is nothing short of gorgeous, pretentious and playful as Rihanna plays up a subject in a humourous manner. There's no way Gaga could do this in such a comic manner! The video says "I will try anything" ..even if I can't help giggling..a little bit.

Also we love the fact that Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger gone entertainment pre-mogul appears as a panting dog in the clip - who says he can't find the right part in Hollywood.

Overall impression? Gorgeous, sexy, fun and flirty which suits only Rihanna to pull off such a paradox with traditional impressions of dark and nasty S&M. Sure to turn many heads, Rihanna will no doubt have a winner on her hands.

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