Lil' Wayne has just dropped what might be the most brilliant piece of music video montage yet.

When we think of hip hop king Lil' Wayne, we know the tats, the bling, the money, the swagger, the attitude and the brilliant rhymes but this time something has changed.

Lil' Wayne's most recent video and single off of The Carter IV which will release immediately following the MTV VMA Awards on August 28th, is serious, soulful and filled with genius life script.

The story is basically about how life can turn one way or another based on the love that goes on in your life. Wayne sings in this piece rather than rapping leaving a chillin and deep message to penetrate your bones by the series of montages that follow the life of a girl. He connects with our world of success or demise on equal terms showing simply this is the way things can go and we are the ones that have to live with it. It doesn't make us a better or worse person, it just changes the life we have to put up with.

Lil' Wayne is no stranger to a hard life having been up on possession of dangerous weapons charges, serving time in prison, having friends around him murdered and yet he maintains such a range of creativity in hip hop that to pull this video out of his pants simply shows a lotta love.

Lil' Wayne has expanded into a whole new genre with this track and video - I hope we see more like this. Sobering, beautiful, poetic and yet straight to the point.

Don't miss Lil' Wayne at the 2011 VMA Awards this Sunday on MTV Europe with the preshow kicking off at 02.30 and the main at 03.30 CET.

Watch the video below and let us know how you feel!

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