There is nothing more fun than having your favorite celebrity pregnant - thanks Snooki - unless it's speculating on whether your favorite celebrity is pregnant. Please turn your eyes to Exhibit A which shows Lady Gaga wearing what appears to be a backwards dress. With her bra in full view we were astonished also at the size of of her ample bosom as if she might be filling out for a new little monster.

lady gaga pregnant

Comparing a photo of her Born This Way shoot in which Gaga is practically emancipated we see her lovely "assets" as rather small and perky stuffed comfortably in her silver studded bikini. Quite the shocker compared to last week in New York.

Things look too natural to be surgery so it made us wonder hmmm? Where is Lady Gaga these days - actually she is mothering her newest child - the Born This Way Foundation. Maybe she will be giving birth of another sort sooner than we think.

Do you think Lady Gaga's outrageous proportional boob difference suggests a private pregnancy?

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