Lady Gaga is undoubtable at the forefront of creativity and icon transformations but how does she do it? Honor Your Vomit.

In Gagavision’s No. 44, Gaga talks about the creative process of writing Judas and the entire Born This Way Album. She describes the essence of the album as 15 minutes of creative vomit in the form of chords, progressions, melodies and lyrics. While sitting in an empty bathtub with spiny shoulders, full dress and shoes, Gaga then tells us the secret to her success: Honor Your Vomit.

“The creative process is approximately a 15 minute vomiting. 15 minutes of vomiting my creative ideas in the forms of melodies or chord progressions and melodies. And some sort of a theme lyric idea and it all happens in approx of 15 minutes of this like, giant regurgitation of my thoughts and feelings and then I spend days weeks months years fine tuning.

“But the idea is that you honor your vomit. You have to honor your vomit you have to honor those 15 minutes.”

Do you know how to creatively vomit? Do you know how to honor it?

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s advice?

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