Lady Gaga took hypnosis to the next level with her debut performance of Born This Way at the 53rd Grammy Awards.

Emerging from an egg, dressed in a latex over coat with shoulder implants, Lady Gaga sang her gay anthem in mesmerizing style. The performance didn't have the shock and gore of previous songs which may suggest that she is moving into a new Gaga genre with her upcoming album. Born This Way is by far the most dancible song of her repetoire with a strong message that speaks to everyone.

She is strong, unpredictable, in your face and as always on about not saying you're sorry to anyone for who you are.

Lady Gaga's performance was likely the most anticipated performance of the night yet several superstars did an impressive job as well including Eminem, Justin Bieber & Usher, Bruno Mars, Arcade Fire, Muse and More.

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