Ke$ha is back to rock the house and the party with a new champion on her Sleazy (remix). The elusive Outcast MC Andre3000 steps onto the road to sling a few versus with the Tik Tok gal who never sleeps.

The southern word slinger uses the revamp to muse about a young kid dealing with a deadbeat dad over the song's bouncy thump.

"We start out so cute in our baby pictures/ That mama shot for our daddy so that he wouldn't forget you/ He forgot anyway, but hey, one day he'll remember/ If not, he's human, I'm human, you human, we'll forgive him," he spits.

After sounding off about daddy issues, Stacks then rhymes about his playful relationship with the glitter-friendly poptress.

"This crazy lady named Ke$ha is guessing my Mercedes would be all new and through-through, but it’s the 1980s/ But now that we are cool-cool, she sippin’ Irish Baileys/ She say 'Stacks, you’re true blue?'/ I said 'Nah, I’m Navy'/ I call her Kee-sha, she like it, because it’s hood to her/ She call me Andre 6000 cause I’m good to her."

Have a listen and tell us what you think about this new remix. Like?

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