After the East Coast's palest GTL-ers attended to their pesky guido problems during yesterday's season premiere of "Jersey Shore," there was nothing left for them to do but put on their finest (and freshly laundered) threads and hit up a surprise party assembled by their venerable boss. The traveling gang reunited with their loved ones, and Pauly, who finally got his swag back after double-dipping at the tanning salon, locked eyes with Snooki's off-campus bestie, Ryder. He may have experienced a drought of DTFs in Florence, but that's not how things roll in Seaside.

Pauly and Ryder
Pauly and Ryder flirting at the dinner table

Even though Ryder previously had sex with Vinny (which caused tons of tension during Season 3) and also banged Johnny "The Unit" during Mike and Snooki's supposed tryst, that couldn't keep Pauly from whipping out his traveler's pass and catching a "ryde." Poor Deena seethed with jealousy as it went down right in front of her face; however, she brushes the whole thing off in the below clip from our first "Jersey Shore Hook-Up" of the season, saying that she and Ryder aren't great friends anyway. And whatever, she totally didn't care. Riiiiiight.

Be sure to check out the video, where Mike and Deena chat about the convenience of Ryder's all-access offerings. Some ladies would be offended about being referred to as the in-house "bus," but we get the impression that Ryder's cool with her hookup rap sheet. If not, it's probably time she cut out all the local stops.

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