If you haven't seen "Somebody That I Used To Know" by now or heard about the paint by numbers visual effect with Kimbra then you are just one of 67 Million who must be living in a vacuum.

Gotye (pronounced "GO-tee-yay") has emerged from nowhere yet he is no stranger to music or talent. The viral hit features himself and artist Kimbra nude in a stop photography/cinematic painting that slowing covers and uncovers their bodies as they express emotions over a lost/complicated/deafeated relationship. In an interview, Gotye reveals that he never set out to make a pop hit given that the majority of his music is alternative exploring deeper themes, sounds and arrangements. He has been performing music since his teens and releasing albums for 10 years. Officially he categories himself as indie and experimental rock. Not only that, but his is a multi-talented instrumenalist with a love for the drums and a passion for his studio where all the magic unfolds.

"I like to think I play the studio as my main instrument... But I guess [if I had to pick] it would be drums. The drum kit was my first instrument... But rhythm only is not very satisfying for me after a while, so if you took my studio away, I'd be lost."

Maybe you have heard of him afterall - he was recently nominated for a 2011 MTV EMA for Best Asia and Pacific Act. Plus he has won five ARIA's from his native Australia.

Making Mirrors is his third studio album with its international smashing debut single "Somebody That I Used To Know." He has followed up with "Eyes Wide Open" and "State of the Art."

He will be perfomring for a short stint in Europe from today until March 4th however all the shows are - you guessed it - sold out.

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