UK’s Diana Vickers is a fairytale rags to riches (we hope) story about believing in a dream and making it reality. She is one of the most recent pop song stars to make it entirely on her own! Well, not exactly true, but she grew her sound, style and success from an organic grassroot level. While a television appearance on the UK’s X-Factor certainly helped, she ended up fourth outside of commercial success. So what happened? She did it anyway.

Diana Vickers talks with Perez Hilton this week about her journey to the top after her crushing defeat in X-Factor and how she never stopped dreaming. What’s exciting about Diana is her earthy sound, easy-cheesy attitude and ultimate likability factor. She has written or co-written her material which scored her a number 1 album, Under The Tainted Cherry Tree, and single, Once, proving her worth despite the overwhelming odds.

In this interview, she explores life, love and music with Perez Hilton who appears to be reaching out to her to help her break into the American market. Vicker’s gay likability factor also seems to play a role in being supported by Perez who continues to move into larger media circles for music news, organization, distribution and production.

If you don’t know Diana, have a look – she’s true blue genuine. It’s not likely she will be the next Lady Gaga or Madonna but her personal style and stature are more than enough to keep her in your music and video collection.

What do you think – are you a Diana Vickers fan?

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