Coldplay’s Chris Martin showcased ‘Wedding Bells,’ a brand new song as part of the grand celebration to Apple’s newest social media platform – Ping.

The event highlighted another big night for Steve Jobs who seems to really live for ground breaking announcements – this time big news on the iPod, iTV and iTunes front.

For us music fans, it was music to our ears as Martin, dressed in a white Flaming Lips t-shirt joking “This is a new song called 'Coldplay 2.6' and it has a lot of new features, it features seven different kinds of chords and even a new one that our closest rivals have no idea about," before adding: "This could be the only time you ever hear it. It could go terribly wrong but we'll see what happens."

Have you heard the tune yet? Will it make you think of Apple next time you do?
Are you comfortable of thinking of Coldplay as a Mac (..and not a PC)?

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