A hot new special will air on MTV soon featuring the intimate side of Britney Spears in her day to day life and behind the scenes adventures. MTV will follow her into the studio, on stage and talk to her personally about what it means to be Britney Spears today.

Spears has been a public figure since she was on the "Mickey Mouse Club" as a kid, and in 2011, she turns 30 years old. In the special, Spears admits that she wanted to be a famous performer since she sported a schoolgirl uniform in her " ... Baby One More Time" video nearly a decade and a half ago. "I think I hoped I would be [doing this]," she says. "I genuinely love what I do. This is what I love to do."

Sound interesting? Take a look at the trailer for this special and stay tuned for more info at MTV European.

Plus we have a recent interview from a popular radio station in New York talking to Britney Spears about her current life and of course the release of Femme Fatale!!

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