Beyonce has certainly done her homework in Party f. J Cole giving us nothing but stunning Bee eventhough her present baby bump grows larger and larger. Kudos to the cameos by former Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland and baby sis Solange.

Party must be Beyonce's return to simpler times as she gets sassy as a trailer park momma with a thousand dollar make-up job. Braless...yes we did saw braless in a sleeveless T-pullover and short shorts our trailer trash gal reminds us of her "Why Don't You Love Me" housewife with a throwback to old-school backyard celebrations full of colorful bikinis and freestyle dancing.

Beyonce is the hardest working entertainer in the industry, seamlessly changing between outfits and styles that range from the 50's through the 90's although the music definitely revolves around 80's funk and soul . Our favorite outfits include her red one-piece pool suit that reveals cleavage literally from her head to toe. In another scene, she catches a few rays in a two piece white and purple frill bikini with orange ribboned high heels. Did we mention the crimped hair(WTF?)? Our last favorite, she's hangin' with her old pal Kelly Rowland in a bright yellow furcoat (of course it's not real - what kind of furry yellow animals live out there?) reminicent of her early millenial look 5 to 8 years ago.

Party sends the message of fun and fancy free, that no matter who you are, you can always let loose with friends and family and have a good time. It's about being together and feelin' the vibe and connection with people where the real world stops tickin' for moment. That is until J Cole drives up in a Bugatti Veyron (ya'll know world's fastest street car...).

Beyonce continues to be a class act that stimulates our imagination in fashion, that makes us laugh and obviously salivate. She does her job to keep us coming back so isn't it fitting after releasing her like 50th single in the last 3 months that she is going to take some down time for the little angel coming in her life.

Who knows, perhaps a baby will be a walk in the park in contrast to all the work Bee does.

For those of you without kids - hey... Who Likes To Party?



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