One has the impression that Queen B's newest video "Countdown" is taking a playful look at the past one last time before jumping into the future of motherhood and a whole new world. "Countdown" time warps between different artistic moments forever imprinted in the entertainment era.

Clearly, Beyonce begins with a throwback to Audrey Hepburn days in the classic "Funny Face." Her hair, her style and cheeky look rewind our senses; watch out - her dancing, energy and ephemeral imprint is all Beyonce - pregnant bump and all.

Bey appears to have picked several moments clearly important in her life including an old warehouse reminiscent of Flashdance and Jennifer Beals. West Side Story takes a blink as dancers snap in unison toward Bridget Bardot. Shadows of Diana Ross come alive in a sparkly dress and smart bob that screams Dreamgirls plus you can't miss out on the early 80's choreography that has the Fame-era written on the dance floor.

"Countdown" takes us back but keeps the music and vibe modern as only Beyonce can. Her latest album '4' is by far her most ambitious and fulfilling crisscrossing classic and modern with a hip smooth Beyonce energy that is not over engineered. Pure classy, pure sound pure Beyonce.

The clock is ticking in more ways than one as Beyonce relives the past preparing to step into the future - hello baby.

What you your thoughts on probably's Beyonce's last video before giving birth?

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