The men really brought it to the table this year with a splash of fun and vibrant colours, festive jumpers, diva like fur coats, well groomed hair, double coloured 3-D glasses and yellow fluffy bits and bobs!

But who owned the year? Here's our top 10 countdown of the best dress chiocos this year....

10) JEREMY SCOTT: Well to no surprise the mega talented designer Jeremy Scott has done it once again. Although yellow is not everyone's first choice it can work if used intelligently and Jeremy has certainly done that with these outfits. He also turned heads wearing a skeleton like black and white jumper and jazzed it up with a cool pair of shades and funky double coloured shoes!

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9) BILL CUNNINGHAM: The talented fashion photographer always dresses for the job which has lead to him being photographed for his fashion. I know the immediate thought when you think of a uniform is prim and proper but Bill snazzed up his outfit going with a European flow by wearing a blue French work shirt with patch pockets, khaki trousers, black sneakers and double coloured 3-D glasses. He also look immaculate this year in a classy black suit and rebelliously beige shirt. Way to go!

8) ADAM LAMBERT: In at number eight is a very gothic looking Adam Lambert wearing a selection of fine fitted suits and one very sexy leather jacket. His hair and make up is also done up perfectly to suit the dark/mysterious look!

7) RAIN: Wearing rag-and-rolled khakis and an MCM varsity jacket and in another look a light brown simpler leather jacket and and matching footwear, Rain looks effortlessly fun and ready to hit the clubs!

6) JADEN SMITH: This guy follows after his dad when it comes to charm, cuteness and too cool for school style. Jaden comes in at number six on our countdown for his slim cut tiger pants, half sequenced pants and simply safe black pants. It's all about the pants for Jaden.

Check out our Top 10 BEST DRESSED MEN OF 2011: [Goto Full Gallery Here]

5) MARK RONSON: Ronson's daring pink suit along with his unique cut black suit and double breasted jacket have all been head turning looks this year. Hats off to you Mark for showing that men can be pretty yet masculine in pink!

4) RYAN GOSLING: how can he not be on our countdown. Ryan looks great in just about any outfit he pulls out his wardrobe. He wore a casual sailor like shirt with white pants which was refreshing, a smart black suit with a casual T shirt and minutely detailed black and grey checked suit this year. All these looks were phenomenal.

3)PHARRELL WILLIAMS: wearing a striking man diva fur coat on top of a tux and two other casual looks with a leather black jacket Pharrell kept it cool this year. Simplistic yet head turning.

KANYE WEST: Kanye knows how to bring a quirky combo together. Three specific looks stood out this year: A Givenchy rottweiler tee, leather trousers, blacked out varsity jacket, the Celine flowy blouse, the classic Dark blue with a peak satin collar and a cashmere scarf and bright red shoes.

JUSTIN BIEBER: Not only has Biebs been crowned as the owner of the most influential haircut this year but he's also our best dressed. 2011 was a transitional year for Biebs. We saw him go from that young break out kid to a slick and sophisticated young man. His suited booted look at the American Music Awards, festive Christmas jumper and pink shirt with cool waist coat were three looks we loved.

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