Avril Lavigne releases the energetic and love struck video Smile about a time that someone special in her life did something really cool for her.

Smile, the 2nd single from Goodbye Lullaby, is back the to rawness that we fell in love with back in Lavigne's late teenage years with Sk8ter Boi and Complicated. There's nothing revolutionary about the song or the video yet it looks and feels like something that is really Avril's personality.

We sometimes wonder how many ways Lavigne can portray this happy crazy kid in her music. Fans love to love the oldies, look forward to the newbies but often complain when the formula that links the old with the new isn't apparent enough.

Smile is about a girl who goes around picking up the pieces of broken hearts in people who are otherwise unhappy. This act of goodness helps the people feel better and obviously makes the world feel better. Lavigne is back to her heavy masquera and punk-like teenage look on a studio set which she decorated herself with color spray bombs, posters and a few props.

If you are an Avril Lavigne fan then I think you will like it. If you are looking for Avril to up the ante and transform into a newer genre of music with a different emotional outlook then you will be disappointed. Somehow it seems that being happy, crazy and carefree are not enough to satisfy the masses - or is it?

Take a look at the video and the behind the scenes internet viral video. What do you think, does Avril make you smile?

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