Avril Lavigne was spotted at the airport sporting a brand new hair abomination that looks very closely familiar to Disney's most evil villain.

Her look is long blonde tresses with a black streaked on top giving her the Cruella look from Disney's 101 Dalmations.

The Goodbye Lullabye artist had just finished up her 5th studio album after the veritable flop of her 4th, where she was departing from L.A. - she tweeted:

"Just finished my record and now I'm going to take some time for myself before I embark on my next artistic journey"

Going with the new hairstyle were motorcycle police sunglasses, a skull and cross bones hoodie with black skin-tight pants and leather kick ass boots.

Lavigne has revealed that her upcoming LP will be more 'pop and fun' like her earlier Under My Skin LP. She is reportedly collaborating with the hip-hop production duo The Runners, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, and former member of rock band Evanescence David Hodges on her new album.

Take a closer look at the punk princess' newest doo!

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