Stephanie Dosen was raised on a peacock farm in Wisconsin. One day while sifting through flotsam in the attic, Stephanie found an old guitar covered in dust. It was her secret prize. During the feather harvest, when everyone was busy, Stephanie would sneak up into the attic to compose songs for boys at school. She also wrote many lullabies for her two favourite pets, a swan and a fox. Stephanie now writes mostly for ghosts with a rusty tape player named Jean-Pierre that follows her everywhere. He has made it through many states and two minor sets of injuries but still holds onto her twilight written songs with happiness. The influence of the nightly peacock mewing and swans swimming can still be heard in her music. Her new record is filled with driving cradle songs for ghosts gone astray. She has recently teamed horses with Simon Raymonde (Bella Union Records, Cocteau Twins) who blesses a lily for the spectre with bass and filigree sounds for lost peacocks.


Musically, the songs on 'A Lily for the Spectre' are astonishingly well-crafted, demonstrating both Stephanie's excellent musicianship and compositional skills. The resulting music hovers between crystal clarity and haunting, dreamlike soundscapes.


Stephanie was recently selected by Billboard magazine as one of the top independent musicians in the Midwest and her music has been garnering rave reviews in the US, such as this in Paste magazine:


'Stephanie Dosen delivers the clear delicate voice of a quiet Sinéad O'Connor, the ethereal poetry of Joni Mitchell and the soft pop strains of The Sundays, her music shines with a moonlit glow.' (Paste magazine)


Literate and contemplative, 'A Lily and the Spectre' is one of the most beautiful releases you'll hear this year,Immerse yourself in it and allow it to weave its spell.

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