Hilton and Carter announced they were going their separate ways last week after seven months together and Paris admits she made her decision while getting ready to pose for YM magazine.

She tells Us Weekly, "I was getting my makeup done, and it just hit me: I love Nick, but I need time alone. I called my psychic, and I asked her opinion. She thought I should be alone, and I agreed with her.

"I don't like confrontation (so I called him that minute on the phone). I know I should have done it in person, but it is hard.

"It's been nothing but great times (with Nick), but it is hard being away from someone. Being in the public eye, people make up rumors, and there is always drama associated with that.

"I'm a faithful girlfriend. I never cheat ... The papers would say, 'Paris was with this actor, and they were kissing. At first he was upset, but at the end of the day, Nick knew the rumors weren't true."

Although Hilton, 22, plans on staying single for a while, she still hopes for marriage in the near future, adding, "I want to find the perfect person to marry when I'm 25 or 26. I want to be a young, cool mother, like my mom, who had me at 19 ... I want to have three kids -- a boy first, to protect the girls."

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