*** Eminem has reportedly given his younger brother a £10,000 home recording studio for his 18th birthday. Nate said of his famous brother: "He´s an inspiration to me. We´ve always been very close and when I need help he helps. He got me the equipment I needed to create a studio in my room because he knows I want to do music too."

*** Jennifer Lopez has been busy expanding her business empire by opening the J-Lo fashion store in Moscow. She will use the store to push her growing lingerie, clothing and perfume lines and apparently wants to open similar shops around the world in the near future. J-Lo has also unveiled the latest fragrance in her perfume line. Following the success of Glow and Still Jennifer, the latest edition Miami glow will hit the shops next year.

*** Marilyn Manson has been shooting "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things", which is due to be released in the US this summer and also stars Peter Fonda and Winona Ryder. The film is directed by Asia Argento and based on J.T. LeRoy´s cult story of the same name. LeRoy told Rolling Stone about Manson´s performance, which follows roles in "Lost Highway" and "Jawbreakers", explaining: "He´s just fantastic in this film.”

*** The Manic Street Preachers are reported to be recording the group´s 7th studio album, and will try to release the new material this coming October. The band is busy working with Tom Elmhirst, and new songs include "A Song For Departure", "1985", "The Love Of Richard Nixon", "To Repel Ghosts", "Glasnost", and more. The album reportedly has 2 working titles, "Life Blood", and "Goodbye Suicide".

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