The book will be Ashanti's second venture into the literary world. She previously released Foolish/Unfoolish: Reflections on Love, a book of poetry in 2002.

Ashanti tells MTV Radio that this time around, she will offer up a bit of advice to young girls via her new book Ashanti Style. "This book is going to be different from the poetry book. It's kind of geared towards, like fashion. Like fashion tips and beauty tips and things that happen behind the scenes and things that people really don't know about as far as celebrities or artists are concerned. Little tricks, know what I mean, and things like that, that we do. So it's going to be cute. It's going to be very helpful." Ashanti Style is set for an autumn release.

Meanwhile, the multi talented one is also back in the studio, churning out some new music. "As far as music, everything is great, we have been recording and actually talking to a bunch of different producers, all over the country, a lot of heavyweights and everyone's just really excited about the record because it's been a while since my last studio album. It's a good feeling to get back in the swing of things and I'm writing and things like that, so we're really excited, it's probably going to be an '07 release or something like that."

You heard it here'll have to wait until next year for new Ashanti music. She'll next appear in the new Resident Evil flick, which is set for a 2007 release, too.

[Source: MTV News International]


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