Chris Brown just outdid his super VMA performance of 2007 by taking to the stage and taking flight at this year's 2011 VMAs.

Bright, sparkly lights designed in an arc pierced the stage and shone down on R&B singer Chris Brown as he hit the stage at Sunday's Video Music Awards.

Dressed in a white formal suit, the performer slow-shuffled down to the dance stage, and once he landed in the middle of the dance floor, he was flanked by full-skirted dancers. He gyrated and danced and sang his hit "Yeah 3X," while Kanye West jumped to his feet and clapped his approval.

On the psychedelic set, Brown high-stepped his way through the track, and eventually was joined onstage by tuxedo-clad dancers. He then moved into the 1993 Wu-Tang Clan classic "Protect Ya Neck," moving to the '90s backbeats in traditional hip-hop dance breaks.

His routine then moved to 1991, making the unexpected to choice to dance to Nirvana's "Teen Spirit," and one of Brown's dancers jumped on a trampoline to the rock classic.

Brown then came back to the future when he began singing his latest hit, "Beautiful People." Things really reached new heights as Brown was elevated high above the crowd, connected to invisible wires, as the crowd cheered as he landed on another stage.

Once he landed, he did a running-man routine, with him and his dancers moving in place and high-stepping their way through the hit. Later, other dancers were elevated and positioned behind him to join in on the routine.

Brown then went back in the air, back-flipped and yoga-posed midair in a "Matrix"-like performance. Every time he went up in the air, he did splits and back-flips.

Clearly, the man and his stage presence are back to the delight of everyone who showed up. Now we definitely can say yo Chris Brown you are 'fly.'

Did you enjoy the 2011 VMA Awards? What was your favorite part?

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